Friday, February 20, 2009

A girls first ice cream

2003 I remember working one afternoon when a family came in for some ice cream. As the family ordered we found out that their daughter (probably 6 yrs. old or so) couldn't have any ice cream because she wasn't able to digest sugar or dairy. This young girl had never had ice cream before! I asked what she ate because I had never heard such a thing before and the mom said that they have a special liquid formula that she drinks.
Well, being that we could freeze anything, I asked if they had any formula with them and if so, we could freeze it into an ice cream if they wanted. The young girl was excited! They ran out to their car and came back with a bottle of what looked like baby formula. The girl asked if she could have some sliced almonds added to it and with that we went to work. Within a minute or so and through a cloud of fog we handed the young girl her very first ice cream! That right there was one of my favorite moments...
After the family left we all looked in the bowl in which the girls ice cream was made, like it was from another planet or something. Wonder what it tastes like I said as I scooped a small bite off the side of the frozen mixing bowl... horrible! Just horrible! It was one of those moments when you need a sink and something to wash your mouth out like 10 seconds ago! But for that one girl it was bliss in a cup, and a day I will remember forever..

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